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Selling a Car with Negative Equity

August 28th, 2011 at 07:26 pm

hi Folks -- I am on a mission to get out of debt. My latest plan of attack is to sell a call that I owe more than it is worth. Here are the details:

I owe $28K
I have an offer from someone to buy it for $22K
KBB says private party value is $24K

I have the money ($6K) to cover the spread but I don't know if it is stupid to pay that much to get rid of this debt?

I haven't really done this before and I've made mistakes so I am not really sure if I know what I am doing...?

Any advice from anyone on whether to take the deal or hope for someone else to come along and make a slightly better offer (and maybe save me $1k-$2k)?

Getting rid of this debt would bring me down to roughly $45K left to pay off by next summer/fall timeframe.

Any good thoughts?