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Debt update & other things

October 31st, 2011 at 08:59 pm

Haven't posted in a while so I thought I would make some time tonight. From a debt standpoint we are still clucking along with only a few hiccups along the way. We've had several expenses come up that I wasn't anticipating so our snowball has not been as big as it could have been over the last couple of pay periods. A little discouraging but I find that I wouldn't have done anything different if I could do it over again....so it is what it is. I've had an emergency flight to the northeast to be with a dear friend who lost her husband unexpectedly, our TV went out and we've had a few smaller trips & expenses come up that we needed to take (family weddings, etc.) PLUS several unexpected medical expenses came in from both of my older daughters. I take back my earlier comment -- I would take back one of these medical expenses had I realized I was using an 'out of network' facility for one of the bills! Apparently that would have saved me lots of money...but I didn't ask the right question when I was researching. I asked them if they took my insurance and they said YES...so I assumed that meant they were in-network. Shows how much I know -- i don't have many run-ins with the medical world thankfully but next time, I will be dang sure to clarify my questions to avoid that extra cost for out of network crap. Anyway, all of those extra expenses collectively has cost me about $3,000+ so it has been quite a set back for my debt snowball. I've still been able to make a fairly sizable payment to get my car paid off within 2-3 months but it has pushed out my overall timeline to get it gone!

Aside from this fun fall season of mishaps and financial mayham, I am annoyed with myself for not being more organized. I didn't even pull out my halloween stuff this year. Not a major life issue of course...but it is small stuff like that I don't like to skip out on b/c I know my kids like it, etc. I've just been too busy and very forgetful about every day stuff b/c my brain is overloaded. The house is a mess and I seem to be putting off more and more stuff until later...so I am always rushing around, forgetting stuff and everything is a mess!! I don't like it and it is not very typical of me but it seems to have become more common these days. I can only hope that November will slow down and return to normal...otherwise I'm going to have do something drastic -- what, I have no idea, but drastics times call for drastic measures, right? BTW - the baseball playoffs & world series are always a 'stop down' for me too so that is part of the reason I'm so behind...I've neglected some of the stuff I would normally do in the evenings b/c I was screaming, I mean watching, the sad Texas Rangers thoughout their playoff run and tragic ending. :-(

Anyway, cheers to a simplified life and slowing down this November!